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Did you know that in addition to flooring, Mill Carpets also offer a great range of beds in our Queensbury showroom? We particularly love our waterbed range - they come with so many comfort and health benefits! If you've never tried a waterbed before, then seeing really is believing. Come and try one for yourself at our showroom in Queensbury, Bradford and chat to us about delivery options in the West Yorkshire area.

Waterbed Parts/Spares
We also supply and fit waterbed spare parts, including water mattresses and heaters, so if your waterbed could do with some TLC, get in touch to find out about how we can help.

Waterbed Servicing
When did you last have your waterbed serviced? Waterbed manufacturers recommend that you have your waterbed serviced every one to two years to keep it in peak condition. Mill Carpets offer a full waterbed servicing package, which includes:

  • Empty of waterbed
  • Thorough clean
  • Re-fill of waterbed with fresh conditioner

Call our Bradford showrooms to book your service today.

The Benefits of a Waterbed

The Persians were the first to discover the unbeatable comfort of a waterbed over 3000 years ago, as they slept soundly on sun warmed goatskins. Today, we know that waterbeds have a whole range of health benefits, providing genuine and lasting relief from a number of medical conditions.

Waterbeds can benefit people who suffer from:

  • Insomnia
  • Backache
  • Arthritis
  • Pressure Sores
  • Asthma/Allergies


In addition to the medical benefits, there are many other benefits of sleeping on a waterbed:

  • Waterbeds are gentle, giving support and moulding to your shape
  • Body weight is spread evenly across the waterbed
  • Waterbeds support your spine, even when you sleep on your side
  • A waterbed's low pressure points ease any pressure on your joints
  • A waterbed will keep to your ideal sleeping temperature, allowing your muscles to relax
  • Blood circulation can be improved through sleeping on a waterbed

How does a waterbed work?

On a waterbed, you literally 'float', as the waterbed supports your weight and you become semi-weightless. The warmth of the subtle temperature control helps to relax you, helping you achieve a comfortable night's sleep.

On a standard bed, most people change position about 60 times a night to relieve the discomfort of pressure points , but the total support of a waterbed means this pressure is minimised - which means less tossing and turning, and more security and comfort. Sleep becomes deeply relaxing and restorative, helping you to face every day with new energy and vigour.

Dispelling Waterbed Myths


  • Waterbeds won't make you feel seasick
  • You don't need to strengthen your floor to have a waterbed
  • Your waterbed won't fall through your ceiling!
  • Pets and children will not puncture the waterbed by jumping on it
  • Waterbeds are not too soft for your back, in fact a waterbed can help to ease backache
  • Waterbeds are not expensive to heat
  • Your house won't be flooded if your waterbed leaks



Mill Carpets are a Queensbury based waterbed suppliers, and stockists of Aquastar waterbeds, providing waterbeds to customers across West Yorkshire. Call in to our Queensbury showroom for more details or to enquire about our waterbed delivery service.

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